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The Decision, EnglandxReader (part 3)
    You stomach was twisting and turning inside your belly, and the jostling of the car ride to the meeting center wasn’t helping you in the least. “Geeze, Arthur, would you slow down,” you groaned, leaning down, burying your face in your hands. “You are going to make me throw up, I swear.”
    “I am going the speed limit, love,” he hummed, sparing an apologetic glance your way before again directing his attention to the road in front of him. There was a moment of silence in which it took all you had to just continue to breathe normally. And then you felt the warm, comforting feel of a hand on your upper arm.
    Slowly, you raised your head, looking at Arthur, eyes slowly grazing over the profile of his face. His cheeks were flushed just the barest shade of pink, but his gaze remained resolutely on the road, eyes determined, lips pressed together in thought. He knew there were a multitude of things he could say to
:icondriftingnotes:Driftingnotes 28 18
Dissecting Feelings, NorwayxReader
    Lukas was a man who enjoyed simple things. He enjoyed getting enough sleep, he enjoyed getting his popcorn popped to perfection, he enjoyed being able to park perfectly the first time, and he enjoyed getting to talk with you. He wasn’t sure what it was, but it was something about you that made him relax and feel like time could stop and the world could pause and he wouldn’t mind as long as you would keep talking. He found you interesting because you could be so like him and so unlike him all at once. In fact, he was the one who approached you after seeing how you handled yourself during meetings between countries. You took notes for his brother Iceland, and your blunt comments often followed by a smile or laugh had intrigued him. And after getting to know you so well, he had almost gotten to the point where it was hard to do anything without wondering what your opinion on it might be. Perhaps that’s why lately, he had gotten to a point that most were con
:icondriftingnotes:Driftingnotes 91 26
At The Lady's Request - Royal!ReadxGuard!Netherlan
At the Lady’s Request
Royal!Reader x Guard! Netherlands
Rated: Sensation
The walls seemed bare and empty as the usual sound of merriment and chaos from the courtiers had faded into a dull memory. You strolled about the empty great halls in dismay and boredom as you realised for the first time that you were the only royal member of the family left in the winter castle… and all because of politics! It was not that you were in line for the throne or anywhere close, being the third daughter of the prince regent, but being the youngest and un-promised member of the royalty brought trouble. Every baron, lord and visiting diplomat had wanted to dance with you or try to court you with some ludicrous use of heraldry, heroics, poetry and stupid stories about their exploits in the east.
You couldn’t take any of them seriously! In fact most of the gentlemen that attempted to court you were heading into old age, related in some manner to your blood o
:iconechosdusk:echosdusk 98 24
Experiments in Technique: Arthur
Every time his lips met yours, there was always something different.
The first time tasted of brown sugar and salt, a combination of the roasted chestnuts and popcorn shared earlier. It was bittersweet, gentle. His lips had found yours with only the slightest whisper of consent, not waiting for a response in the brisk London air. It was simply a light touch, barely enough to register the presence, he pulling away quickly and laughing lightly in his guilt, apologising. His tone however, as did the sparkle in those damned green eyes, indicated he wasn't the least bit regretful. Especially not when you pulled him in for a second.
The next notable kiss was also entirely unexpected, deep and rough. He had stormed into the library from seemingly nowhere, pinning you back and growling something before his lips crashed against yours in an agonized frenzy. Somewhere in the back of your mind you noted the taste of apples and cigarettes, the air around the two of you filled with the fumes of old
:icon12bfeygirl42:12bfeygirl42 120 22
Too Hot [Iceland x Reader]
Dating someone like Emil Steilsson -also known as Iceland- certainly had it's perks. First off, you always felt special with him. Mostly since he was so quiet and cold towards others, and only showed his sweet side to you. But also, because he was so utterly hilarious to  tease.
Emil was someone who easily got embarrassed. Even if it was something small as to call someone his big brother, his cheeks would flare with a red colour and he would quickly exit the room. So with the privilege of being his girlfriend, you had some VIP access to see his cute reactions, and without being hit -unlike Norway who was often the victim of Iceland's violent side.
But today you, (F/n) (L/n), would try something very dangerous. You would see how far you could push your dear Nordic boyfriend. You wanted a new shade of red to dust his cheeks, you wanted to hear his adorable voice shutter, you wanted to see him in a mess.
“Emil?” you voiced as you sat cross legged on the sofa.
:iconnixdex:nixdex 428 77
Demon!Reader x England - Chapter 4
Demon!Reader x England – Chapter 4
Chapter 4: Freedom
The dark, black nothingness of your unconsciousness was the only thing surrounding you as you float through the void.  There was no light here, and there never seemed to be any.  Why would a demon need to dream anyway?  It was just another weakness.  Dreams provided the desire to want or need something.  Whether it took the form of an object or emotion, demons would take advantage of it and use it against others.
Your mind wanders aimlessly through the empty dream world.  There was no clear direction where you were going, but you couldn’t bring yourself to stay still.  Using the time you had, you began focusing on what was to become of you.  If those warlocks succeeded in binding you, you’d be the laughing stalk of the whole netherworld.  Ordon was probably already spreading the rumor.  Just the thought of him made your blood boil.
You were faintly aware of what was
:iconnightsevera:Nightsevera 34 8
Better to burn than fade (Demon!England x Reader)
A stinging slap resounded in the quiet room as his palm cracked against your face.
It took a moment for the pain to register, as though your very flesh was surprised by the blow. You raised your eyes to your assailant, pressing your lips together, determined not to make a sound.
"I will not tolerate your insubordination," your stepfather hissed at you, his eyes little slits of fury. "You have been here long enough. It is time for you to be wed."
You didn't waste your breath pointing out that the husband your stepfather had chosen for you also happened to be old enough to be your grandfather. What was the point? As you reached to massage your stinging cheek, you found yourself thinking of your mother, of what she would have said were she still alive. You doubted that she would have rejoiced at such a fate for you: her only child sold off like chattel into a loveless marriage with a geriatric.
She had adored your stepfather, however, and you couldn't rule out the possibility he would hav
:iconunluckyamulet:UnluckyAmulet 213 48
England x Reader: Goodnight Kiss 3/3
Arthur stood back watching you and Francis dance. Part of him couldn’t bear it. He wanted nothing more than to tear you out of Francis’ arms and carry you away. Another part of him wanted to walk away from the scene rather than stay and watch. There were moments, this being one of them, when he sincerely wished he didn’t love you. He wished he could use your friendship with Francis to dismiss his feelings. But oh, that was no good. As he watched you smiling up at Francis as you talked and danced, he knew that nothing could change the way he felt. And then as he stood watching you, he murmured to himself,
“O no; it is an ever-fixed mark,
That looks on tempests, and is never shaken…”

And as he watched Francis bend down to kiss you on the forehead at the end of the song, he knew that no matter how much it pained him, there was no tempest on earth that could shake him into walking away tonight, and no force on earth that could stop him from loving
:iconkatiejobagles:katiejobagles 45 11
Rockstar!2p!GermanyxReader Chapter 4
        This was it. You had just landed in the LAX airport with Flavio, you were waiting for your luggage to get closer to you at the baggage claim. The both of you had mailed most of your stuff earlier and  decided keep your furniture in a storage unit until you found your own place.
Flavio was asking you if you wanted share a taxi together as you went down an escalator, but stopped when you both looked and saw a man in a chauffeur uniform holding a sign with both of your names. "Well, I guess Ethan really did take care of everything." you said laughing, and walked together to the man.
You walked outside and were met with a long black limousine, you almost gasped. Flavio stood in awe next to you, "I feel like this is what they call the 'celebrity treatment'.", all you could do was nod.
The chauffeur put both of your things in the trunk and opened the door for you both, "Ms.(Name)? Mr.Ethan said that a man dropped a present for you by, it's inside waiting for
:iconlolitalipgloss:lolitalipgloss 71 31
Exchange Experience ~Norway x Reader~

~Exchange Experience~
“I don't want to be at the mercy of my emotions.
I want to use them, to enjoy them, and to dominate them.”
-Oscar Wilde, The Portrait of Dorian Gray
         “Hello, I believe you must be [Y/N] from the exchange program. I am Lukas Bondevik.” A tall blonde guy was sitting before your eyes, starring at you blankly. He had gorgeous ice-blue eyes, which were probably reflecting over your reactions. He was dressed elegantly, with a light aqua shirt, a navy blue jacket over it and a black ribbon tied nicely. His pants were perfectly ironed and his shoes recently polished. He was extremely handsome and his serious look made you believe that there was a really protective and wise person underneath.
         “Pleased to meet you, Lukas. And welcome to [country name]. I hope you’d be enjoying your stay.” You tried sounding as polite as you
:iconfairy-of-the-valley:Fairy-of-the-valley 268 115
Exchange Experience ~Germany x Reader~

"They call you heartless;
but you have a heart and I love you for being ashamed to show it.”
-Friedrich Nietzsche
A/N: The reader has a fear of dogs. I know, I’m sorry you dog lovers.
         “Hello, I believe you must be [Y/N] from the exchange program. I am Ludwig Beilschmidt. I hope the time we will spend together will be as valuable to you as it will be for me.” Your eyes met his light blue ones. He was tall, well built, with a serious look on his face. He seemed the hardworking type of guy that was searching the perfection in everything he was doing. His blond hair was carefully slicked back. He was dressed casually, a pair of jeans and a simple buttoned shirt. Even if he looked stern, he was sending good vibes in your direction.
         “I hope the same, Ludwig. Pleased to meet you.” You reached out to shake his hand, which he did politely.
:iconfairy-of-the-valley:Fairy-of-the-valley 222 71
Bonjour, Wanker! Finale - England x Reader
Today was the big day.
Arthur stood at the altar, gloved hands fiddling together nervously as he awaited your arrival. His lovely emerald green eyes were hidden behind his eyelids which were shut tight with nervousness. He didn't know what he was being so nervous about. Today was the day that the two of you were finally going to promise the rest of your lives together. Arthur let his fingers gently hover over the white rose and iris flowers pinned to his chest as its sweet scent surrounded him. Today, you and Arthur were going to be bounded together just like these flowers placed carefully on top of his rapidly beating heart. His hands soon wandered over to the emerald fleur de lis brooch you gifted him for his birthday. Somehow, it's smooth cleanly cut and polished surface always managed to make him feel better.
"Detendez-vous." Arthur nodded his head as his Best Man, Francis Bonnefoy, placed a reassuring hand on his shoulder.
Arthur didn't need a translator to know that he was tellin
:iconamayashi418:amayashi418 289 116
Confessions {Iceland x Reader}
“Do you even know what you’re saying? Don’t ever think about telling that to any other guy…”
Warning: ‘Lime’ content— beware ;)
You closed your eyes.
Iceland. He never left your thoughts.
You’ve had a huge crush on him since day one. You had only met him a couple years ago, but since then he was always on your mind. You couldn’t help it. He was just so perfect.
But you sometimes questioned his ability to love. He was so serious—all the time. Had he ever had a crush on anyone… ever? He didn’t seem like the type. Had he ever had a girlfriend? Had he ever liked a girl in that way yet? You doubted all of these, but not just because you liked him. Practically every nation knew he wasn’t too interested in girls.
In fact, he probably cared more about licorice than girls. So why were you s
:iconxyourhero:xYourHero 957 347
Valentine's Challenge|England|Date
"No, Mattie, I'm not nervous," you answered, holding the phone between your cheek and shoulder as you put the finishing touches on your spiced poached pears. You smiled at the completed dish and picked it up to move it to the table. "Really, Mattie, I'm not nervous! It's just Arthur, after all."
Yes, it was true, the sophisticated Brit was coming over for a Valentine's Day dinner and while you weren't nervous, you were terribly excited. Despite just telling him it was because neither of you had a proper date, you had really invited the Brit because you had the world's biggest crush on him. So, at a few of your friend's prompting, you had invited him over for dinner. You could still see the look on his face.
"_______! You coming?" Alfred asked as he buckled the strap to his motorcycle helmet. You laughed and shook your head.
"No, I'm waiting for Arthur, remember?" you answered, putting your hands on your hips and shifting your weight to one side. "I just told you that a few minutes a
:iconivyandtwine:ivyandtwine 230 27
Into the Friendzone: EnglandxVampire!Reader
You never knew your heart could do gymnastic stunts until Arthur Kirkland rushed to your side with that bright smile etched on his British face.
"Good morning, ___________!" he greeted.
"Good morning, Arthur!" You greeted back with your best smile.
"Let me take care of that," He took your books as well as your school bag and freed your hands.
"Oh Arthur," You giggled at your gentleman and walked your way to the classroom. "What's that on your pouch?"
"These!" His emerald eyes lit up like an open fire and presented his pouch with arms spread in the air. "Would you like to taste some of my world class scones?"
With his statement you froze.  After seeing Alfred confined at the hospital last year because of food poisoning (that was the day he ate Arthur's scones), you made a mental note not to taste them. Ever.
"Sure!" you said as you searched your brains for the least offensive excuses. "But maybe some other time. I just had breakfast!"
"Oh, what a shame," he said, his pouch dro
:iconaquamarinesparks:aquamarinesparks 66 65
Mature content
Trial of Blood - Hunter!NederlandxVamp!Reader P9 :iconechosdusk:echosdusk 17 4




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